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Williamson KraftIn the East India jungle, there is a little known tribe of very beautiful
people with brown skin, glossy black hair and muscular physiques, which
have young girls mastubating only recently been discovered. They have for many years been
secluded from the rest of the world. Their day-to-day customs for living
would not seem so strange to us, as they are much the same as any other
primitive people around the world. However their sexual customs may,
indeed, seem quite foreign and are very fascinating.The males of the bj hot young tribe, while still children, are discouraged completely
from touching their private parts for the purpose of pleasure. In fact,
the boys are watched constantly by the women and female children with
that discouragement in mind.This is accomplished quite easily as the boys are raised in their early
years exclusively by the women. They are severely punished; not only by
their mothers, but by all of the other women in the tribe should they be
caught pleasuring themselves. The girls are encouraged to tattle on the
boys to that end.This arrangement continues without interference from the men of the tribe
until the boys reach puberty. Though it is very difficult for the boys
to wait, because they have begun to experience strong sexual urges, they
are forced to abstain until the coming out ceremony which will not take
place until they have reached a certain maturity; that is, they have
obtained a full growth of underarm and pubic hair and at least some small
display of hair on the chest . . . usually around eighteen years of age.When this finally occurs, the men take over the "finishing" of the man,
so to speak, and a ritual takes place the like of which has never been
observed in the rest of the known world.It is the custom of all of the people, men and women, to wear loin cloths
and no blouses of any kind. The weather is very temperate. For the
ceremony, however the young men young pat boone are outfitted with the addition of a sort
of g-string under the loin cloth.Whether, there is one or a dozen young men coming of age, they will
"come out" at the same time. At the time our contingent witnessed the
ritual, there were only three. The young men were lined up single file,
a few feet apart.There were two men officiating: the chief and the medicine man or
shaman. All of the men who have already passed through the gauntlet
assist.First, the chief goes down the line and one at a time ceremoniously
removes the loin cloths from the young subjects leaving only their
genitals tightly covered. Then, beginning at the right, the shaman
follows behind with a bowl of goose grease. He pulls the pouch below the
fellow's testicles and smears the grease on his genitals causing the
young man, along Really young girl with an immense erection, excruciating pleasure such as,
we are sure, he has never felt before. The boy throws his head back and
howls like a dog. The shaman strokes the young man only for a few
seconds, then moves on to the next fellow to do the same.Close behind the Shaman is the boy's father and all of the other men,
each carrying a small empty gourd bowl. The father gives his own son a
couple of strokes, we presume as a symbol of passing on his rank, and
then moves back to the congregation. The men that follow do the same,
but move on to each inductee in line. The reason for the bowl becomes
apparent when the first fellow ejaculates with a scream. The lucky man
who caused the emission and catches the semen in the bowl, will have the
pleasure of that young mans company later in the day. He then moves on
to the next boy in line and smears the semen on his privates, etc., etc.
until all of the newly anointed men have been stroked with another's
jizm and have had an ejaculation.After the ceremony ends, there is a huge party lee soo young for only the men of the
tribe. They eat drink and have sex with each other until the wee hours
of the morning. The next day, it's back neil young websites to normal routine.Apparently the men and women only have sex together as a necessity to
breed. The women seem to enjoy the company of their same sex as much as
the men do their own.
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